OutManeuver is the result of years of research into military history, military strategy and business strategy. While militaries practice both attrition and maneuver, attrition was adopted as a business strategy, especially after the American Civil War as corporations grew larger and sought the power of scale.

OutManeuver highlights the power and efficacy of maneuver as a component of corporate and product strategy. Further, we believe that maneuver strategy closely aligns to many emerging trends: increasing pace of change, the need for adaptability and configurability, constantly shifting customer demands, new entrants who don’t respect industry rules or conventions and the need for innovation.

OutManeuver defines the three maneuver strategies (Preemption, Dislocation and Disruption) and five key tactics, as well as the enablers that create the conditions for maneuver:

  • Speed
  • Stealth
  • Insight
  • Agility
  • Innovation

From our analysis of military battles and business cases we present a maneuver methodology, meant to help anyone responsible for corporate or product strategy to understand and quickly implement a maneuver campaign. This methodology will help any company understand and implement maneuver strategies and tactics, and win far more at far less cost than existing attrition strategy.

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