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Military strategy informs business strategy

There’s an excellent article that was recently published by the Columbia business school that at first blush may seem more a military history than a modern strategic primer.  Willie Pietersen wrote the article, entitled Von Clausewitz on War: Six lessons for the modern strategist.  Von Clausewitz wrote “On War” in the 1820s, which became, and still remains, one of the classic books on military strategy.

Pietersen notes that business strategy has inherited a lot of its thinking from military strategy.  Further, he interprets Von Clausewitz’s theories in light of modern business realities.  This is important because Von Clausewitz was writing in response to Napoleon, who was a master of maneuver.  Pietersen’s conclusions are timely, and they are in line with much of what we’ve written about in OutManeuver.  I encourage you to read his article, then read our book to understand how to implement maneuver as a component of business strategy.

Jeffrey PhillipsMilitary strategy informs business strategy
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