OutManeuver was written by Jeffrey Phillips and Alex Verjovsky.  Combined they have over 50 years of practical business experience, working as consultants to Fortune 500 corporations, and as entrepreneurs.


Jeffrey Phillips leads a strategy and innovation practice at OVO Innovation. Before OVO he has led strategic marketing and sales teams in software and consulting companies. Jeffrey is a recognized thought leader in innovation, and has published three books on innovation, including Relentless Innovation. He has consulted in the US and Western Europe, and led training programs and workshops in the Middle East, South Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.


Alex Verjovsky brings over 20 years’ experience in the consulting and technology sectors as both a consultant and entrepreneur. His most recent company, Castor Fields SAPI, reached over 12 billion dollars in sales. Prior to Castor Fields, Alex founded BioFuel Alternatives, a pioneer in the biodiesel market. Alex is a graduate of Columbia Business School.

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