Let’s face it, in every industry, corporations are focused on head to head competition. There might be a lot of talk about strategy, but when the dust settles, all they compete on is price.

Competing on price is a losing proposition, a race to the bottom where everyone, including the customer, loses. Head to head, feature to feature competition is called attrition, a term used to describe a pointless use of resources in a sprint for what’s left rather than maximizing your position at the lowest possible cost. One noted strategist has said that attrition is evidence of the absence of strategy. Let us explain why this is so…

As trade barriers fall, as new technologies disrupt markets, as new business models emerge and as the pace of change accelerates, corporations need new competitive strategies to win more revenue, profit and market share at the least possible cost.

Maneuver strategy is the key to competing in this new reality.

From the Greek army to Apple Inc.—learn the lasting strategies to OutManeuver™ your competition!

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